Water, water everywhere so let’s all have a drink. 

Reflective, root and fertile powers of water.  Good day to reflect, count blessings and ride the waves. 🌊




Oz Collage (35.25″ x 49.5), 2009. Made with clippings from Annie Leibowitz and Grace Coddington December 2005 Vogue editorial inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Poem below crafted today.

The Past (There’s No Place Like Home)


I am my mother’s daughter.

Constantly fighting my very nature

Can’t decide between safety and danger,


Love or money.

Taught not to want

To take it all in stride, status and leisure


Make one lazy bride.

Never known

A hard day’s work


In her life.

Father figures like fire:

What are you doing, what are you


Doing! What are you doing

With your life?

Whatever I want.


Not trying.

Just practicing

For when you die.

Unbearable Lightness


“She would have liked to tell them that behind Communism, Fascism, behind all occupations and invasions lurks a more basic, pervasive evil and that the image of that evil was a parade of people marching by with raised fists and shouting the identical syllables in unison.  But she knew she would never be able to make them understand.” — Sabina, from Milan Kundera’s novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Ohio Star, (18 x 24″)